Managing, Securing and Tracking
Your Valued Laboratory Specimens

Medical Courier Elite (MCE), by Taylor Data Systems, is a comprehensive, web-based medical software solution for specimen tracking and courier management, from pick-up to laboratory delivery. With the use of the optional MCE System Modules your laboratory is able to manage all aspects of medical specimen collection and transport including courier routes, sample type identification and managing the daily needs of clients.

Medical Logistics Management

With proven expertise in medical outreach programs, MCE improves medical logistics management by increasing the capacity, productivity and efficiency of the process. Find out how MCE can help your outreach program.

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“We have been impressed with Medical Courier Elite on many different levels. We appreciated the rapid, well-organized implementation. Almost immediately, we used the administrative tools to rearrange routes, track specimens with missing information, and monitor pick up and drop off times. Lastly, we were pleased with the marketability of the product and the positive feedback from clients concerning the increased security of their specimens.”